Hello world… can you hear me?

So its suupppeeerr early in the morning and I should be chasing Z’s in a field somewhere. But, I’m not. I really cant wait to get this blog rolling… I’ve always felt I had a lot on my mind, now I got a place to store it, kinda like an extra freezer people have. Or a spare bank account… this is my secret hiding place. I actually haven’t told anybody about my blog. I wonder who will like this, who’s going to hate it and who’s going to skip over it without a care, like a rock landed on my page (like that game we used to play as a kid with the numbers and rocks and… you get the point). Whoever reads this… thank you. I hope you come back and let me know what you think because I like learning from people. Seeing things from the eyes that look at me outside mirrors. I want to grow as a person and well I think YOU are going to be my hired help (sorry I can’t pay you… but if I have gum, you’ll be the first to get it). Till next time…


Took this pic on a trip to Africa...


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/06/09.

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