Dream Killer…

You destroy the foundation my dreams grow from like concrete killing roses, tulips and carnations. What if, I wanted and I wish… words that devour hope for the future. Opportunity is the father of change and change is the mother of habits. New habits must breed to change the future for the best. The best way to change is to learn something new and want that newness to consume you. Once you taste the unknown you yearn for more. The grass is always greener on the other side, but if you can’t see over the fence how do you learn that your yard need some work? How do you know what is possible? Live my friends and never regret, because the chances you pass will grow weeds that will scar your field and take over the land your dreams need to grow.

Note: My friend is the “Do’er” that does the most. Every time we talk he always has something new to talk about. Something new he accomplished or did. I had to think a little and with some help from the movie Yes Man, I had this little idea. If we pass up opportunities everyday, we start to close off our world and shelter ourselves from growth. The growth we need as people to live healthy lives.


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/06/28.

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