Who knew…

So I’ve been a little late these past days, with everything. I meant to post picks, I meant to clean up mi casa and I def meant to cook food and take in lunch. But, not everything meant to happen will happen when you want it too. So here go a couple of pics of my past week, doing the military thing.

Lost but now FOUND

Its kinda strange the things you find when you’re not looking. It was a good thing I finished my subway before getting introduced to this dead fellow.

Armored Humvee

Gear we used.

A little blurry but it has to be… I can’t show everything I use some of it is secret. We had 24 hour operations going so we got our chance to pull 40+ hour duty watches. Gotta love America or else this stuff would suck.

Tornado Watch, weather so crazy some of our satellites fell over.

I swear I'm not crazy about bugs.

We found this dragon-fly laying on the ground, we thought it was dead. We were wrong… way wrong.

Had to test out my camera.

He ended up being our pet unfortunately, he was murdered. Big tough guy walked into the room and decided he got the “stink eye” and took it a little too far.

15 minutes before the tragedy.

The aftermath...

So what did I learn these past couple weeks? Big bugs make a big mess. Big guys like to kill big bugs to look big. Oh and A lot of work leads to a lot of sleep and late posts. Other than that everything else is history. Thank you America…

P.S. I have been in the military for quite sometime and I love it. I think I’m going to start posting old stuff I did before this blog, that way it won’t be so empty. Till then take it easy.



~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/01.

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