For a couple of years you’ve seen the real me. Like a child growing up in dreams wishing to be, you know the deepest of my sea. These branches waved many days, rain caught before they shed on your head. Protection in the shape of flesh, back braced support till we take our last breath. Without a doubt here forever since the beginning of time. I share my wealth and happiness, I wish the best for you including health. My journeymen, walkers in time, step by step we stride in the future and rarely look behind. Only to reminisce and enjoy the best parts of our past. Knowing whats to come will one day live there beside them playing in the grass. Looking in the sky with out a care, forever young frozen in time waiting there. You are my family even if we don’t share blood. Part of the pack your loyalty to me can be topped by none.

Note: Eh just felt like writing about my friendships… this is really just a gathering of words, here to shake hands more than anything.

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/02.

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