The Weekend… (Part 1)

Wow, it ALL happened. Started with Friday night and I thought everything was headed in the wrong direction. I left my house late and it takes me at least an hour to get to the city, the best one… CHICAGO. Since I was late I started flying, I’m talking I was doing 85 on a 55… Vroom vroom. I shaved off a good 30 min which is 1/3 of the trip. And guess what? I got there with enough time to wait for the people I thought were waiting for me. So I show up and we get to drinking UV blue, not my cup of tea really but then again this isn’t tea and I wasn’t sippin’.

I know what your thinking… I actually don’t really know but I AM a good person I just like to live on weekends. So, we ended up going to see the races in Chicago, illegal races but we were just watching. No harm no foul right? I guess the cops don’t think so. The raided every spot we went to, but we still got to see some pretty good ones. Anyway we ended up calling it a night kinda early (3:00) and we decided to go back and finish the bottle we cracked earlier. Well we weren’t the only ones out drinking that night. We got to see an accident (not really but we heard it, and I decided to take pics since I got this blog).

Car 1 not bad right?

Car 2 not good...

So what did we learn? I think I like Volvo’s … looks like a good deal to me. No one was hurt and no one needed an ambulance the really need to sleep and insurance. That’s right one of the participants in this tragedy was really nervous and wanted to pay the other 2,000 to just leave the scene as is. He was sweating hard.

Well it doesn’t end there as we were walking back to my friend’s house an ambulance drove right by us with a fire truck and we were all in the action, drunk and enjoying every minute of the excitement.

When everyone runs out they run in...

So the night wasn’t over either, we ended up playing basketball at the local courts till the sun came up. I miss those days when everyone used to be active. Now-a-days everyone has to be talked into playing like we’re asking them to rob a bank. Speaking of banks (like my intro to the next event?) one of my friends felt like I did and decided we were not done with the night. We wanted to squeeze every last min out of our weekend, so we set out on a mission to get some more alcohol and it was 7:00 in the morning. We got it too… and kept drinking till sleep got the best of us.

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/07.

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