The Weekend… (Part 2)

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of what happened Saturday night. A group of us decided to get tickets for the really late/ early next day boat ride on the Spirit of Chicago. We started drinking before we boarded, we know how expensive those bars can be… 5 shots of Patron can cost around $60. That’s right, you pay for a 3 hour boat trip and they throw in a free mugging. Well since I can’t really show you how nice of a ride it was this post is really gonna be on the poor end. It was beautiful out that night too. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky everyone in Chicago knows the city lights scare away the stars. But, that night every single star got the nerves to pop up and it was amazing. It was good company too, did a little dancing, a little laughing and a little drinking. Believe me after the night before I definitely wanted to take it easy. So, after we came ashore I talked our guests into going to Millennium park to see the Bean and she talked everyone else into it. We didn’t get that chance. apparently the park closes at night. So we hung out near it. I guess the crazies were attracted to us that weekend, one of my friends had a homeless person wanna fight him. Like I said it was a crazy weekend. We left and I lost. I never got to say goodbye to that one guest and thank her for the night. Oh well maybe next time…

My 4th of july was a good chance for me to relax. I got to see some fireworks, hang out with my best friend and celebrate a birthday with a couple beers. Nothing crazy just a good weekend to last till the next one.

NOTE: I don’t always drink and to be honest I don’t like beer. Like I said this hardly ever happens and when It does I guess its memorable…

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/13.

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