The future past…

Where did we go back then that got us arriving here now? Funny how past events will always find they’re way here to say hello, kiss our cheek and pull our ears.

I used to  write and keep it a secret… but, lately I like how words can have a party and find the “right friends” that sing all the “right” songs. Then they get so drunk they stumble and pass out on  college ruled lines for everyone to see and read. You see… I wonder how people can toss-up words and have them land on paper in the perfect way. I plan on one day taking advantage of my writing. I really like to do it, so I’m going to randomly post pieces I’ve written in the past and some that are recent. Hope you guys read them and enjoy. This is on top of the posts of events and oh yeah “My art work” which is another one of my hobbies. Be on the look out… Next post is coming real soon.

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/22.

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