The rain…

(Monday, April 27, 2009…)

It falls… like the thoughts I toss-up in my head. The thoughts that sink ever so gently before they hit mother earth, for she needs these thoughts like I need food. She grows she expands and shows me how I feel. But she tricks me sometimes like a mirage… like a mini white lie I want to believe. She shows me hope, happiness, and that oh so popular “what if”. I want to believe in what she has to say. Who doesn’t? But when she’s wrong… she’s dead wrong and I look like an idiot. But I live… and I think… and I dream… and she makes me believe. And I fall for it… again, like the Rain.

Note: I originally wrote this about this girl who almost stole my heart. I was really into her and for the first time ever, she caught my attention because of who she was and not by her looks. She is beautiful (not “was” either) and that was the plus, the icing on an already sweet piece of cake. We have become good friends and being around her while hiding these feelings was hard. I actually ended up drinking too much and let the cat out of the bag. Nothing came f it but I’m glad we still know each other she is a great person and I like how our friendship has grown. Thanks miss for the inspiration… The “She” in the poem is actually my feelings.



~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/22.

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