(Wednesday, May 20, 2009…)

Oh where did the time go? It hit the ground running and I got left in the dust stirred up by Iraq’s sand. I remember the times when I had peers, people I could relate too that in some strange way were excelling at my speed on the road to success. Or was it really just me sticking with them till I got lost after taking a break to tie my shoes? Now they’re the ones that ripped the ribbon on the finish line and I’m chasing footprints, and looking for markers to find my way. It gets hard though cause with everyone ahead in the distance I feel like my direction just doesn’t point to 12 o’clock. Good thing this little engine never learned about “can’t”, cause he could stop here and settle but I got fans cheering me on from ahead. So I guess ill take it one step at a time like Map Quest directions… mile after mile till the road disappears and I’m in front like the tortoise. Running the real race… The one where I lose, tie and take first with no chance of being last.

Note: Its hard to see where you are when your friends are living the life you could have had. But then you realize this IS your life and it’s great. They might look and say that could have been me, but in the end we are exactly where we were meant to be. Standing in our own shoes taking our own steps…

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/07/27.

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