The Wake-Up…

So it’s been a while… a LONG while since I’ve posted anything. But, now I have news worth sharing. I recently was given a second chance and it came with a stiff price tag. And its gonna keep growing. This morning I got into an accident and it wasn’t pretty. I was so embarrassed but I realized I needed this to happen. I needed to see what it was I have taking for granted and how easily it can be taken away. A totaled car, mangled future, dented ego and million shards of glass later Im here chewing through a tough cookie. My pride tastes like crap… but I’ll manage to come out of this better than ever. And, that is the reason why things happen. I was cruising on a path that was headed in the wrong direction and I got back on track. Unfortunately, that track came in the shape of a ditch… well Im not gonna go on and on. Here are some photos…

What is next for me? Well Im gonna hit the gym a LOT more. Live life with smarter choices and see what is in store. Im actually excited to see what comes next. A little disappointed in myself but at least from now on I can only improve who I am as a person. Please check out what is next to come on my journey…

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2010/11/27.

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