The Beginning…

Here today. Not thinking about tomorrow. Start a new day… bright lights ahead skipping over puddles of sorrow. Head looking around for things to do like owls. Nightime won’t come had a deal with the sun. This is gonna be the best day ever, there’s hellos all around but I found the one.

So I haven’t been on here in a while. A Loooonnng long while. Whats new? Well, I lost 10(ish) pounds, moved to Cali, visited Vegas (twice) and I’m set to head overseas in about a month. Things are looking up. Smiles all around. I can’t complain at all. Plus, who would really want to, life is never that bad if you look past what happens and see the real reasons why. I dont really have pictures (proof) to show you everything thats been going on. But trust me… I’ll post them when I take them.

I really need to start carrying my camera around a little more often. Life happens once and then its gone. Why not record a little bit before its done.

Note: Music is huge in my life… check out this song by one of my favorite artists. “Now or Never – The Roots”



~ by benicio.marichieli on 2011/03/07.

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