The Magic…

This song is amazing. I found out about Lissie back when I was YouTube surfing (during work and getting paid for it. Like a boss) circa February 10, 2013. I know what you’re thinking… he is really late on that one. And to be completely honest you are right. But, I’m 1000% glad I didn’t hear this till now. I believe that my taste in music has grown up. It’s matured and I’ve grown to enjoy all sorts of styles and interpretations of genres. If I would have heard about her any earlier, it wouldn’t have been as good. It would have been lacking that one string that attaches me to the music I Love… experiences.

You see I enjoy so many types of songs because they have the ability to pull an emotion from my memory and (wait for it)… POOF! like Magic I feel it again.

I used to be in this on-again off-again relationship with… Lets call her my “number 8”. Long story short we used to have a cordless phone that we used as a house phone. She ended up being our household speed dial number 8 because her first name began with one of those letters. Anyway this song reminded me of the way she used to make me feel as a young sucker. I say that now because looking back I did a lot of stupid things for the sake of a “strong like”. I must say that listening to this song and the expressions on Lissie’s face took me back. I suddenly began to feel all of those same feelings over again.

Take a listen and enjoy… you wont be disappointed.

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/02/27.

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