December 24, 2010…

“Before I met you I seen a picture of you and didn’t look twice (no offense but my interests were in another). But chance rolled the dice and made us a pair, gave me seven and through a phone things were clear.  After meeting your voice, talking to your personality, having play dates with your character and smiling with your feelings. I seen you in a new light. Blinded by my first sight of what turned out to be a wonderful dance night.  So I placed you on a higher floor and approached from a new direction, hoping for a chance at what I believed was happiness I could hold like a hand shake. But the road I MapQuested was under construction building the “people” we were meant to be. No hard feelings just easy let downs, too many to count. So I took a couple detours and finally started reading the road signs… realizing the road we ended on was actually the one I needed to start with. Going backwards on this path I seen… finding I’m seeing you less than before, feels like I’m losing you more and more. But we’re both strolling on separate sides of the same road. Cause your reality will never cross my imagery… But, this isn’t that lingering “let’s see what happens”. I Said Bye a while ago. I’m waiting for my second chance at a first hello…”

This was a note that never got to see the light of day. I was actually hoping I never had to let anyone see it. But, like anything in life sometimes you have to do what you normally wouldn’t to feel the way you probably should. For anyone who is unsure of what is going on, your take away for this post should be… Sometimes the things you want and dream for should probably stay dreams and just out of reach. Life wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t have to strive for happiness. Hell… the journey to become happy is what makes it so sweet.

– Benicio –

I hope you know that you are and always will be a great friend of mine. I, unfortunately, need time to realize that.


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/03/01.

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