…the Air.

If you haven’t wondered by now or busted out your Sherlock Holmes costume kit and questioned how strange my blog is let me explain why you should. First off, the URL and blog title don’t match. Benicio is the writer and he’s talking about the life of a “Shadrac”… in the first person.

Who is Benicio? Short easy answer… he is the me I would like to be. Long crazy answer… I am him and he is me… sort of. I, myself, am very critical and really hate that I judge myself so harshly. I feel its OK to use this blog as a way to get out my not so perfect side and not be judged, by me. Cause it’s not exactly me, right? Or at very least you wouldn’t be able to find out exactly who “me” is…

Who is Shadrac? Well he is me. That was the only direct link to who I really am. Hopefully no one else will be as smart as Sherlock and Dick Tracy. Who can really put 2 and 28769474538304765840 together? Well anyone close enough to me I guess.

Well now that I gave away all my secrets I guess I really have to start thinking of creative cool things to talk about. Clearly they will be related to my life experiences both past and future… Till then, clear is…

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/03/01.

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