The Explorer…

Today has been a hell of a day… It’s barely a little past eight in the morning but I’ve been up for 25 hours so far. I need sleep. At least that’s what my body is asking for. I feel wide awake and ready to take on the world. My mind was on hyper drive all night and for the first time this month my mind feels so Zen-full. It there even a word for that? If there isn’t this should be.

I had a chance to process every thought that flew in and out of my head. And while I was up I got to explore my surroundings and see a part of my neighborhood most would run from. I strolled around all night, just walking and thinking. Sounds strange, I know. But It needed to be done. Long story short the universe wanted me to sort everything out. It kicked me out of my apartment sans keys and said “figure your shit out or else you’ll freeze”. Well it didn’t actually say that. I like to believe that’s what happened and I wasn’t an idiot and forgot my keys as I stormed out to clear my head.

I am the biggest over thinker I know. So, I’m just glad I got everything sorted out mentally and now I can be free of the worrying. Like I said I also got a chance to see the best city in the world at night. I wish I either had a better camera or was better at taking pics with my phone. Here is a horse I found.

Metal Horse Sculpture

Note: Just when you think things are starting to fall apart and you are standing on shaky ground. Trust yourself and your balance. This stuff is instinctual and you can handle it. You really do have all the tools to see the bright side of every situation. You just have to stop focusing in on what stands out. Start paying attention to all the things around it that are pushing it out of your picture.


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/03/04.

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