My mind has been racing these past couple days, to the point where I can’t sleep. And when I do finally drift off into nothingness I wake up every now and again and my mind will NOT shut off. If my mind isn’t busy battling over ideas of future plans its filled with pictures of things I’ve never seen. I would like to control this issue and soon because I need clarity… I need to enjoy that quiet feeling of a black room when I close my eyes.

I do this often and maybe its a bad thing. I always over task myself to the point of being distracted from other tasks. Maybe I need to make my list of things I want to do shorter, and get rid of whats not necessary.

Things I tend to think about…

  • Work and what I’m going to do when I lose my job.
  • Buying a home. (I want a REAL place to call home, I’ve been bouncing around too much)
  • Things that look beautiful. (I am a very visual person)
  • Family
  • Starting a clothing company and everything that comes with that.
  • Keeping my sanity. (WHY can’t I sleep?)
  • Producing music. (Not so important right now… Chopping block??)

Anyway I guess that pretty much it. Maybe I’m full of all these great ideas and can’t find the right outlet. Lets see when my bubble finally bursts.

– Benicio –

* Listen to Heavy Feet by Local Natives *


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/03/25.

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