We make them everyday without thinking about it. We do it without thinking and refer to making them as “freedom”. What happens when we no longer have them or they are made for us?

I took some time to visit and spend the weekend with my momma’s side of the family and was hit with a hard truth. I MADE SOME PRETTY STUPID CHOICES. I want to introduce you to one of the greatest men I will never get to know.

My Grandfather

My grandfather passed away in 2008, taken from us before he should have. I look back and realize that he spent more time sitting on a couch watching Spanish television than he should have. He used to stop by our house every time he was in town and every time I would kiss his cheek, say hello and run off to play. It became second nature as I got older. Playing was replaced with going out with friends and then dating. Now I don’t get that choice anymore and I hate it. With every ounce of my being, I hate it. I never got to ask him how his first date with my grandmother went. How and when he knew she was the one. What crossed his mind when he had his first child. I can never ask him for advice. All because I made, what I thought were easy choices.

Sometimes our hard choices are really easy and the toughest ones, we don’t think twice about. No ones perfect and you will regret some. But, don’t regret or repeat the wrong ones.

– Benicio –

Grandpa I’m sorry for not giving you the time we both deserved. Love always and forever.


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/04/01.

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