I didn’t quite think about exactly how this post was supposed to be written so please excuse me if it seams pointless. Bear with me and your patience will be rewarded, hopefully.

Scars will toughen you up even when you don’t think they do.

I USED TO trust everyone I met until given a reason not to. I didn’t realize that till recently and I am trying to correct that. After my parents divorce I couldn’t believe that someone could turn their back on everyone they loved just to feel happy. I seen a man change into a boy and a woman into a girl and I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was the first time I ever really seen my parents as real human beings and it scared the shit out of me. The allure of invincibility they had was washed away. Since then I’ve been tiptoeing through relationships scared of going through the same thing. I was blessed with the ability to say goodbye and wish people out of my life without a second thought. Pushing became easier and a habit I performed regularly. That curse has shown to be amazing. The people in my life that stuck around are here because I couldn’t get rid of them. And that shows me that I no longer need the tough skin covering my scars, I am safe around them.

Scars left from past experiences are visual hope.

Time will not heal your wounds, ever. But every day that passes is proof that you can survive and knowing that you CAN get over it will ease the pain. My mother was dealt some pretty bad cards in a pretty short time, the funeral of both her father and marriage all in the same year. One of those and anyone’s world would be spinning faster than the propellers on a helicopter in mid flight. But time has passed and she has learned to forgive. Learned to believe and most importantly learned to live with herself. She looks back and proudly takes on everyday one step at a time, sometimes hesitant and cautiously but always forward. She is truly a breathing, talking ball of inspiration.

Life is really just one big question of “where am I going” with a trail of little hints to help you get there. But one of the hardest hints to see is that you have the strength, mentally and physically, to get to the answer no matter where it is.

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/04/08.

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