Night of the Blazer…

I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I said yes. I packed enough for three days and still felt like I needed to have more options. I had everything from V-neck tees and gym shoes to a button up and dress shoes. Nothing really mattered as much as I made it seam. We booked the hotel room and that was all we really needed. A place to crawl to after a good night of enjoying life.

We drove for hours and had music playing the whole time, only lowering when we had some significant story to tell on some past experience we had. He was my brother since the day we met. But, moments like this are what define our brother-ship. We talked about girls and how this night was going to be filled with them. He had a friend in the music biz that could get us into any club we wanted, he was the king of his city, we were his guests. By the time we showed up he was already there.

Our room was amazing. Open floor plan with a living room the size of a small house, a walk in bathroom with a changing room attached and a huge master bedroom with two king size bedroom sets. We were living like kings. Funny thing is we never enjoyed the room. We checked in… got dressed… and hit the strip. Vegas was no match for what we had planned. We walked everywhere, drank everything. Conversations were easy, something in knowing that I would never see those people ever again made everything so easy. No pressure. Staying up all night and sleeping at noon just to wake up and repeat.

We had big plans to make our last night in Vegas the greatest story ever told. We had dreams. We needed to look like we deserved to live them out. So we hit the town and went shopping, we decided that a blazer and button up would do. There was no need to buy a new suit if there was a chance it would get lost in someones hotel room or at some club. We definitely didn’t have the money to throw it away.

The night was set, we got a couple hours of sleep, dressed up to the tens and filled up at an all you can eat buffet. The night was golden. I can’t go into detail about what happened that night, but it was amazing. I will never forget it…. EVER. So, fast forward to the phone call I got at 1040 the next morning. “I packed all your stuff. I got everything out of the closet, did you put your stuff anywhere else? I take it your having a good morning. Call me when your on your way, don’t forget we have to check out by noon.” I was too busy to answer but I heard it on my way back to my room. I was too busy falling out of love. I made a connection in the most unlikely place ever, and she was beautiful. But it wasn’t meant to last and that in itself made it so much more. I learned more about myself in that one night stand than most relationships I used to be in.

I had just finished taking a round of shots at the bar with my friends and the group of girls we met. She was on the dance floor and I was headed to the bathroom. Our eyes met, we smiled. I walked by her and she grabbed my blazer. I turned around and she said hi. I introduced myself and she did the same all on the dance floor, we were standing still in the crowd. At that moment no one else was with us, not even the guy she was dancing with who felt the need to tell me his name. I smiled as I asked her if she wanted to grab a drink sometime later. She smiled and led me back to the bar. After getting to know each other with small talk she decided I was gonna need company for the rest of the night and we started our adventure. I didn’t meet back up with my friends till the club closed and we started walking back to our next destination. Small talk got personal and soon we were talking about our greatest fears, where we planned to be in the future and how much life there was to be lived. It felt like a dream because she was so down to earth and didn’t seam like the other girls who escape to Vegas to get away. We made our way back to her hotel with her friend. Our goodby the next morning was short and sweet, almost as if I was heading out the door to take out the trash and I would be back. we talked about how amazing the night was and ended it with a kiss at the door and I was gone.

I had the one night of my life that was perfect and no one can take it from me. I can kinda compare it to that How I Met Your Mother episode “Drumroll, Please”. That night will forever be known as the night of the blazer and I can live with that.

– Benicio –


~ by benicio.marichieli on 2013/04/18.

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